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You’ve all heard it before: whir whir click. Or worse, just click. Click click click. Yes, that’s the sound of a dead battery, never a good thing. Until now, that is. And just how is a dead battery a good thing? Because regardless of where you are or what you drive, you can impress your friends, and even your enemies, by jumpstarting that dead battery—without cables or another vehicle — nearly anything with a unique new battery the size of a big fat wallet. Yep, it fits in your back pocket like a leather biker wallet packed with cash, and is a lot more valuable.

                                                                   “What more could you want?”

We first found out about the Micro-Start PPS (Personal Power Supply) from Antigravity Batteries when we needed to jump the 440 in our Dodge motorhome. It wouldn’t even turn over, just made that clickity cluck sound. Once we hooked up the Micro-Start PPS it spun that big old V-8 like nobody’s business. That right there sold us on it. But wait, there’s more! In the meantime we can recharge it by the supplied 12-volt cigar plug or a 120-volt wall unit. What more could you want? Well, there is much more.

The Micro-Start PPS (Personal Power Supply) comes in a nice leatherette case packed with every adapter needed to run your electronic devices. The small jumper cables plug into the unit. And don’t forget to disconnect the Micro-Start PPS right after your rig starts. Check out the size relative to the iPhone — as you can see, this is a very compact package at 6×27⁄8×1 inches, and weighs less than a pound!

Made from maximum-power lithium-ion battery technology, the Micro-Start PPS is truly a portable power supply and jumpstarter in one — and we’ve been testing the Micro-Start PPS for almost a year. We took it on the Ultimate Adventure and were able to jumpstart a Jeep that had the battery mounted under the dash — a pain to remove or get standard cables to. We’ve started about half our fleet for many months, and the 200-amp (400-amp start surge) just keeps kicking. Oh, and it turns itself off when not in use, and charges a phone through a USB port in record time. The Micro-Start PPS also has a flashlight built in and comes with adapters and tips for most electronic devices. It’s not cheap at $159.99, but what’s it worth when you’re out in the middle of nowhere with a dead battery? Or when you can’t run your MP3 player for heaven’s sake?


Article Sourcing: FourWheeler.com (Rick Péwé)

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